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The White Stuff - Revealed

In a poll of cafe owners it is suggested 85% of coffee drinkers take their cup of Joe with milk. A figure probably not that surprising.

We're all getting fussier when it comes to choosing the beans for our brew but slow to consider what milk we use. After all, it's all the same isn't it? Perhaps not...

It's all to do with the fat content - with full fat you get a creamy, sweet, almost melt in your mouth texture. This is down to the milk's fat globules which coat the tongue and inhabit the taste of coffee. In essence creating a less bitter and acidic cup - great if you like a rich, sweet, delicious drink however not so good if you like it 'fruity'.

The other important ingredient in milk is the protein. The level of protein is essential in creating tiny bubbles, commonly known as microfoam. This changes the texture of the milk and in turn how it tastes on your palate.

Our advice to you would be to try different varieties of milk at home - from Cravendale, own brand supermarket or Organic and see what you prefer. It really can change how your coffee tastes!

Milk for thought:

Did you know a standard Latte is only 15% coffee and the rest milk?

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