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Coffee and Cycling: What YOU need to know

It's no secret that a caffeine and cake stop is a cycling tradition. But with so many coffee options available, which offer the most benefit?

Caffeine is a recognised trade tool of the cyclist. “It’s a mild central nervous system stimulant that prompts the release of adrenaline for energy,” said the British Coffee Association. This makes it perfect for endurance sports.

What to drink and when?

Pre-ride: The king of coffee - Double Espresso to kick start the caffeine intake whilst not heavy on the stomach.

During a ride: Opt for less milk, an Americano with sugar and a splash of milk is advised. This heightens energy without causing any gastric discomfort from too much heavy liquid.

After a ride: Go for a latte or a mocha with full fat milk because of the extra calories, you’ll be getting some essential protein, calcium and fat, which are all needed for recovery.

Which coffee beans should you choose?

Different types of coffee beans have more or less acidity, if you have a sensitive stomach, as can happen during sports participation, you should look for coffees with low acidity.

Generally, beans grown on higher ground, such as those from Ethiopia, Costa Rica or Hawaii, tend to be more acidic than ones from flat plantations such as those in Central America. However, acidity is lessened through roasting so the darker the better.

At the Runner Bean Coffee Co we use beans tailored for Cycling/Endurance Events so rest assured you'll be getting maximum taste for maximum performance.





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