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Why have the Runner Bean team at your sports event?

The BIG question, what makes us a specialist at sporting events?

The Experience.

We have attended a number of sporting events, in particular cycling, competitive and non-competitive environments, we understand what is required and when our customers need it. From coffee beans with reduced acidity (lighter on the stomach), higher caffeine content, to swift service, you don't want to be waiting after riding 50km...

The Swift Service.

We understand a sporting event can have high and low peak trading demands, in particular pre and post event. Our coffee machines are able to cope with high output and built for high demand in short periods - often at non sporting events you would typically expect a constant trickle of customers requiring a different approach.

We also provide a huge selection of drinks - from ultra cool Iced Coffee to full bodied Mochas.

The Beans.

The blend we use is tailored to sporting events. Darker roasted for reduced acidity, blended with higher caffeine beans and of course great tasting. The beans are selected for there natural sweetness and advised to be used when preparing Americano's, Espresso's and black coffees as milky coffees are heavy on the stomach and not recommend pre-exercise. Fear not, we have a separate machine to prepare fantastic Latte's and milk based coffees.

You can rely on The Runner Bean.





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