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3 Questions to Ask When Buying Freshly Ground Coffee Online

Buying fresh ground coffee online can be a tricky task. Every supplier will no doubt

promise an abundance of flavours blends and tastes alongside first-rate customer

service. The question is – how can you know which store to trust? Which coffee

beans will provide the freshest and tastiest brew for your business?

In this post, we’ll look at three important questions you should always ask in your

search for the perfect bag of coffee…

1. When was the coffee roasted?

The first question on your list should be: when was the coffee roasted? The more

recent the roast, the fresher the coffee. The freshness of a batch is crucial to ensure

you get the tastiest flavour.

On the same note, you want to know if your coffee can be made to order rather than

in one big batch that waits around for it’s time to shine. This will ensure you receive

the freshest ground coffee, packed full of flavour.

Most online shops should make that information readily available. If not, it’s worth

emailing or calling to ask for details.

2. Is it blended or single origin coffee?

Another key question is regarding the taste of the coffee. Naturally, you’ll want to

know what it tastes like before buying. A great way to decipher this online is by

asking whether the ground coffee is blended or single origin. While neither variety is

inherently better, they can be a better match for your personal preference.

Blended coffee has a variety of tastes and flavours, due to the mixture of different

coffee beans. It’s perfect for big batches and coffee shops. In contrast, single origin

gives a more distinctive individual taste, ideal for coffee connoisseurs and espresso

addicts. The beauty of online coffee shopping is that websites should have a

rundown of the types they sell, with a short description of taste.

3. How quickly can it be delivered?

As well as the freshness of the roast, you want to know how quickly your purchased

coffee can be delivered to your door step. It’s no use having the coffee roasted today,

only to wait 10 working days for delivery.

By opting for local roasters, you can ensure that you get your coffee hot off the

(French) press. This means you don’t have to sit around waiting for your delivery and

you get fresher ground coffee for longer.

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