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5 Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Coffee Van

Sports events, private parties, family fun shows, music festivals or even networking

events and trade shows. What do all these have in common? They benefit massively

from having a coffee van on site – and not just because of the delicious aroma!

In this post, we’ll look at five reasons why a coffee van is a must at your next event.

1. Staying on-site

Let’s be honest – people want coffee, wherever they are. And they won’t settle for a

second-rate cup of instant. Do you really want them having to leave your event to get

a good cuppa? By having a coffee van on hand, there’s less chance of people coming and going, or even leaving for good.

2. Staying awake!

On top of those who want it, some people actually need a coffee to keep going.

Whatever your event, you don’t want those in attendance to be drowsy, inattentive or

even irritable. With your own coffee van, you can cater for those who need their daily dose of caffeine, or just enjoy the delicious taste of freshly roasted coffee.

3. Sociable

Whether it’s a party or a trade show, most events are better when people get talking.

Coffee can help you achieve exactly that. It’s become a staple of our social lives,

whether it’s a quick chat over a morning brew or meeting for a coffee with old friends.

In fact, coffee has even been found to enhance sociability in group settings, making

people feel more positive towards others and become more active in discussions.

4. Variety

With the need to cater for several different tastes and requirements, planning events

can soon become pretty stressful. Have you bought snacks? Do you have tea and

coffee? What about cold drinks? And how are you going to keep those drinks hot or

cold? A coffee van makes all of this a doddle, with a selection of teas, hot chocolate and of

course coffee, plus plenty of cold drinks and delicious snacks. Best of all, they

provide the heat, refrigeration and power to keep everything at the right temperature

– so you don’t need to worry.

5. Satisfaction

One thing that’s certainly universal at any kind of event is that you want it to be a

success. You want customers, visitors or other attendees to leave happy and look

back fondly. What better way to do that than with delicious drinks and snacks?

With a high-quality coffee van, you can make sure – whatever happens on the day –

everyone will remember the delicious coffee or fresh snacks they enjoyed. With any

luck, they’ll be back next year, month or week to try them out and enjoy your event all

over again.

Delicious coffee for any event

Looking to offer delicious hand-roasted coffee at your sporting event, business event

or party? The Runner Bean Coffee Co can help you do exactly that. We provide a

mobile coffee bar with our own power source, allowing us to work virtually anywhere

– at any time.

We’re also delighted to be launching our innovative self-service coffee unit. Runner

Bean Sprint is equipped with a touchscreen, contactless payment and its own power

supply, making it fast and easy for your attendees to get Barista quality hot drinks.

Want to find out more? Our bar is already fully booked for 2019, so be sure to get in

touch soon for your 2020 events. Email or use

our events enquiry form.







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