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Blended Vs Single Origin Coffee – Which Is Better?

Whether you’re Barbara the barista perfecting your café’s morning brew or Dave the diva getting your truck ready for a festival full of coffee lovers, it can be tricky deciding which beans to use for your business. One of the biggest distinctions is between blended and single origin coffee. In this post, we’ll take a look at the difference between the two so you can decide which best suits your needs and your customers.

Blended Coffee

As the name suggests, blended coffee is a mixture of different roasted coffee beans.

This can include several different varieties from across the globe and at different quantities. Think of a big bowl, Ricky the Roaster tosses in 33% Yemen Mocha and 66% Sumatra Mandheling, for all you mathematicians it's 33.33% and 66.66% recurring respectively (yes we know), stirrrrs this up - much like mixing a cake mixture (coffee cake anyone?), then pops this in his roaster and continues to roast to the desired profile.

Roasters like Ricky will combine coffee beans that complement or even contrast one another. This creates varying flavours and profiles, with different origins bringing different tastes to the

table (no pun intended).

Get the blends wrong, however, and it spells bad news. Whether it’s too mellow, too

complex or just doesn’t sit well on your pallet, sometimes blends just miss the mark.

While blended coffees are easier for large companies to mass produce, the process

can be too lengthy and costly for smaller suppliers who want to make batches to

order. On top of that, it results in a less distinctive taste which could disappoint

customers who appreciate a flavourful coffee, some real coffee connoisseurs could even tell you where the beans came from!

Single Origin Coffee

Quite often, too many contrasting flavours can be overwhelming, requiring extra milk

and heaps of sugar to make them palatable. That’s why more and more roasters are

choosing single origin coffees – coffee beans from one specific region.

The popularity of single origin coffee is on the rise. With its unique, distinct flavour

packed full of personality, that’s no surprise. This type of coffee is known as coffee in

its ‘purest’ form and hailed for its incredible diversity. With no two regions tasting

exactly the same, single origin coffees tend to deliver a well-rounded taste.

With single origin, the flavour does all the talking, bit like a poet, think of Picasso, no wait he's an artist isn't he? That'll do. Although it’s up to individual

preference, it doesn’t usually require milk or sugar to taste. Perfect for espresso shots and for the health conscious.

The Perfect Fit

With all this in mind, the question is – which coffee is best for you? At the end of the

day, it’s all about your taste buds and your preferences. You may prefer a mixture of

flavours or you might be partial to a strong bold taste.

Here at the Runner Bean, we love a party on the taste buds! With that in mind we've narrowed down our selection to the full-bodied Old Brown Java, the slightly more acidic but well-rounded Honduras Santa Rosa and our unique house-blend from Honduras, Brazil and Uganda.

Roast To Order

By choosing the Runner Bean we believe we can provide you with the finest coffee to choose from, we focus on delivering premium single origin speciality coffee and a brilliantly blended version that awakens the senses. To find out more about our roast to order services, get in touch with the Runner Bean team today on 01635 867009 or





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