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Cafetiere Coffee - how to make it and what's the best ratio

The basics and to begin with:

Keep coffee as fresh as possible, it’s best to use whole beans and grind them before use.

If you are using pre-ground coffee, store in an airtight container, in a cool dry place, or in the freezer. They can be used directly from frozen as the oils prevent the grinds from sticking together! When ordering be sure to select the correct grind for your brewing method, in this case, cafetière or filter grind. As different grinds, such as an espresso grind if finer and will change the resulting taste.

Aim to use a water temperature of 91-94 degrees centigrade, this prevents the coffee from being over (too hot) or under extracted (too cold). Just leave the kettle to cool for a minute before pouring.

If you can, filter your water before use, this can make it sweeter. But also makes your equipment last longer and not scale.

Brewing using a Cafetiere:

Cafetiere’s come in a number of shapes, colours and sizes but are all essentially a pot/carafe with a plunger attached to the top and a mesh filter that keeps back the grounds.

1) Weigh & Grind

Use a medium to coarse grind, roughly 18g per cup. Always experiment as some people like it stronger or weaker.

2) Grounds & Water

Pop the coffee grinds in the cafetiere, slowly add the boiling water ensuring the grinds are completely covered. As a measurement of water use your cup or mug that you will be drinking from and add a little extra. Give it a stir.

3) Brew & Pour

Leave the coffee for around 3-4 minutes, longer if you like it stronger. Place the plunger onto the pot and slowly press down. If there is a lot of resistance, there may be too much coffee or it’s too finely ground. When fully pressed, pour into your favourite mug.

Your cafetière coffee is ready. Enjoy!

To cap, use 18grams of coffee grounds per cup of water, roughly 280 millilitres.

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