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Coffee Spotlight: Honduras

Santa Rosa Coffee, Honduras

When you enjoy a cup of Honduran Santa Rosa you are transported to the mountainous region of Copán within the tropical rainforests of South America, a region where only the finest coffee is grown by micro-growers inside the forests.

Overlooking the region are numerous forested mountains including the highest point in Honduras locally named Pico Celaque standing at nearly 3,000m. The high mountains in the region gives the coffee a classification of ‘strictly high grown’ and it means the perfect coffee micro-climate for great tasting beans. The coffee is highly sought after by connoisseurs as they mature more slowly than beans grown at lower altitudes, with the result that they are more dense and nutrient-rich due to a higher concentration of sugars, which produce more desired and nuanced flavours. Greater nutrient density means more flavour and healthy organic compounds in the coffee, which is great news for those who want to drink coffee as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. In fact, the coffee produced in Santa Rosa de Copan is so good that the region is considered to be the gourmet coffee capital of Honduras.

Copan is one of six coffee producing regions in Honduras and beans grown in Copan are known for their sustained aftertaste, rounded and balanced body. The beans have a distinctive flavour profile and produce a coffee which is smooth, rich and clean tasting with chocolate notes and a very slight floral kick. The coffee is processed using the traditional fully washed process, which involves removing the outer skin of the cherry and then leaving the bean to ferment in water for at least two days. Out of all the coffee processing methods, this is ultimately regarded to produce the highest quality coffee.

The production of sustainable, exceptional coffee in the Copan region is a source of fiercely intense pride amongst the producers who are committed to only producing coffee of the highest possible quality. Small community co-operatives work together to assist with the commercialisation and export of high quality coffee and to improve the lives of those working in the coffee industry. It is estimated that around 30% of the country’s population is employed within the sector on a seasonal basis, and that up to two million people directly participate in the coffee harvest between November and March each year. Enjoy a cup of Santa Rosa coffee safe in the knowledge that not only are you drinking one of the finest coffees in the world, but you are also supporting entire communities in creating safe, sustainable sources of income for generations to come.







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