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Runner Bean: The Green Way

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Ever since we started in 2010, we have always chosen the green route, whether it's recycled paper for loyalty cards, compostable cups or discounts for re-usable cups. Now we have taken this the next level for our Roastery, and asking the big question - can we really operate a carbon neutral, eco-friendly Roastery?

By it's very nature roasting coffee is energy intensive, getting the little green beans to turn into lovely brown ones at over 200 degrees celsius is no easy task. We've broken our Roastery down into four sections:

  • Transport/Delivery of green beans & delivery of roasted coffee

  • Roasting the coffee

  • Coffee Packaging

  • Operations

We aren't Environmental Scientist's at the Runner Bean but we're researching every step of the way. We now have some of the first completely compostable coffee bags, including the valve and removal of labels! We run our office and coffee Roastery on 100% renewable energy! We are now looking into carbon offsetting for our deliveries and removing all plastic from our business.

If you have any tips or suggestions on how we can continue improve our eco-friendly business, please feel free to email our team at

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates!





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