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What is Single Origin Coffee?

When it comes to making the perfect brew, it all starts with the type of coffee you

use. The best kind? Plenty of baristas and coffee shop owners will recommend single

origin coffee. To your average Joe (pun intended) in the street, this might not mean


In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the meaning behind single origin coffee, what

makes it so special and the full flavours you can expect from the Runner Bean.

Where Is Single Origin Coffee From?

Put simply, single origin coffee means coffee beans from one single region or

country. That means the beans have been grown in the same climate with generally

the same growing conditions. However, sometimes, it can even be from the same

farm or estate.

In contrast, blended coffees use beans from a range of locations, which are then

roasted and mixed together. This is the type of coffee you can usually find in big

chain coffee shops or the supermarket, as it’s easier to produce on a large scale.

Distinct flavours

The flavour of coffee beans is distinct to each country and region, based on the

climate and growing conditions. As a result, each single origin coffee will deliver a

taste that’s unique and distinct from others. On the other hand, blended coffees can

have a vast array of flavours that complement and contrast one another.

That’s what makes single origin coffee so special. Each cup of single origin coffee is

beautifully unique and full of flavour. This is influenced by a number of factors,

including climate, soil and shade of the specific region it came from. This type of

coffee also tends to be lightly roasted which helps retain the natural flavours and the

variety’s distinct taste.

Find The Perfect Coffee Beans

Single origin is often referred to as coffee in its ‘purest’ form. Its strong, bold flavour

delivers the perfect standalone taste. When drinking single origin, it’s even

recommended you don’t add milk or sugar, making it ideal for coffee enthusiasts who

prefer espresso shots over creamy lattes.

That said, finding a distinct flavour that suits your taste pallet can be tricky. Whether

you prefer a blended mixture or a strong, unique taste, it’s all down to personal

preference. At The Runner Bean Coffee Co, we stock both single origin and blended

coffee beans.

Searching for a full-bodied single origin coffee? Look no further than our Old Brown

Java. This impressive coffee comes from the island of Java in Indonesia, packing

each cup with a punch. Coffee connoisseurs can expect unique, rustic earthy

flavours combined with musky complex aromas. We also stock our signature blend

from Honduras, Brazil and Uganda, which provides a full-bodied flavour with notes of

dark berries and chocolate.

Single Origin Coffee Near You

The freshness of coffee is just as important as the origin. That’s why we deliver

premium single origin roasted and ground coffee from our roastery to your door in

less than 5 days. Based in West Berkshire, we offer free, speedy delivery to

Newbury, Thatcham, Reading and Basingstoke.

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